“We have ourselves a quandary, Batman…”

So I’ve been surfing around to the websites of various writers that I knew from back in the day in hopes of finding an idea or two for the redesign of my own site and sadly, I’ve come to only one shocking conclusion: most of them aren’t there anymore! Whether they legitimately left the business or their domain names merely got snagged out from under them and it didn’t seem to be worth the hassle to continue, the majority of the links under the Columns – Humor Writers in my bookmarks are now officially defunct. And not to mention that Dave Barry himself has officially “quit the biz” for the time being – nothing like being a mood killer, let me tell you!

On second thought, maybe I don’t want to all-out ditch the layout that I’ve worked so hard to develop anyways. Perhaps a little tweaking here and there would be just as effective as a full-blown facelift, and without half of the headache, either. I don’t know what I could change – it’s very difficult to consider asthetics when I rely so much on clipart to cover my lack of artistic ability anyways! Plus, the writing is supposed to be the focal point anyways…and then again, “You’ve gotta get ’em in the door before you can sell them any cheese…”

I’m officially torn – what do you think, America? (…and beyond…)

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