Welcome to July

Wow – where did June go?!

  • Just paid rent and parking for July…amazing how much I don’t have left after I write those two checks!
  • Looking forward to getting my panorama frames in the mail so that I can finally put up the Disney photos.
  • Amazingly after having a horrendously motivated weekend, I didn’t write crap for the past five days…with the exception of blog entries here and there.
  • I need to force myself to write at least one column before I go to bed tonight. The site’s starting to look really great…just need to get off my butt and finish things up.
  • Work was very good today, and should be fun tomorrow also. Crap seems to be happening to other people for a change instead of hitting me directly, and although I do feel bad for them, I’m glad that it’s targeting someone else for a while… 😛
  • Right now I need a weekend that can be both relaxing andproductive…is that even possible?
  • Must find time for Disneyland documentary this weekend that Bob loaned me.
  • No work on Monday. Don’t know where I’m going to go watch 4th of July fireworks yet. At this point, I’d give anything to just go to the beach and watch the sunset with Leslie…

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