Windows Update lag – HELP!!!

Ever since my last Windows Update, my desktop lags like crazy whenever I’m downloading from the Internet. Regular network traffic is unaffected, however anything coming from the ‘net – whether it be via Internet Explorer, Google Earth, Bittorrent or whatever – slows my machine down to a point where I can barely even switch between windows…cursor barely moves at all. And it doesn’t matter if files are coming in at 15 k/s or 500 k/s…but until the download completes, I’m stuck twiddling my thumbs.

Has anybody else had this problem or otherwise know how to fix it??? (I believe this would’ve been in the June updates, but I don’t recall which one specifically.) Why can’t I roll back updates like I can drivers, etc…? Maybe I’d have been better off continuing to ignore that little bubble in the corner… :<

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