a long, short weekend…

Left work early because I got a message from Sara that she felt like her head was going to explode – she’d been having a bad migrain all day and heads typically aren’t supposed to do that, so I came home to make sure that she was ok. Within maybe an hour, we were en route to the emergency room at Zephyrhills hospital because she said it just kept getting worse and worse and ultimately, I’d rather pay a little extra money than have something really bad happen. Fortunately, Zephyrhills is kind of in the middle of nowhere, so we got in and had her in front of the doctor in maybe half an hour – tops. They gave her some drugs which I’m told didn’t do crap, then gave her some considerably better drugs about an hour later which put her on Cloud 9, but at least they made her feel better. At that point, they discharged her and we went home, of course not before stopping for some McDonalds that would later end up on the side of the road approximately twenty minutes later … I guess that’s what I get for catering to her every need! She did have some toast when she got home, which quote “the chick took forty-five minutes to eat,” but at least she kept most of it down.

Overall it was a pretty scary evening – of course, nobody really ever looks forward to taking a loved one to the emergency room – but I’m happy to say that she’s feeling much better now. Whew… 🙂

I really don’t remember much of Saturday at all, primarily because we slept rather late after being pretty much exhausted by the ordeal of the day previous. Eventually I went and got my hair cut, returned to the office to finish up what I hadn’t the night before, and bought a few things for finishing the bedroom project at Home Depot. Ended up getting completely soaked leaving Home Depot because somebody decided to have a turrential downpour two minutes before I was to leave the store, but such is life. We also watched Wedding Crashers on demand, which was so-so. I’ve got columns that I’m putting together both for the movie and for my hair-cutting experience, but I’m just too tired to work on them tonight. Also, nothing really got done on my writing website, but such is life.

We finally arose at somewhat of a decent hour today and got a few things done around the house, but not before my wonderful girlfriend made me breakfast in bed! She claimed that it was the only way that she was going to get me out of bed, and that’s probably not too far from the truth. I got the remainder of things situated in the bedroom while she began sorting through her massive pile of belongings in the living room. She ended up pitching out quite a lot of old papers, but there’s still a ways to go. (Reminder: Rome was not built in a day.) Eventually we called it a day with the cleaning and went to pick up some groceries and also the first season of House on DVD. This is another great show that she’s managed to get me hooked on (for some reason, I seem to relate with House’s smart-ass, wise-cracking side – go figure) and I think we probably watched four or five episodes alone this weekend between the DVR and the new DVDs. We watched a lot of TV today, I’ll admit, and I’m kind of mad at myself for not getting more done, but after what took place earlier on in the weekend, you can really only expect to do so much – a lot of time gets spent just recharging and getting your bearings, and ultimately I suppose that’s ok, too…

Right now I’m debating between staying up to try and make up some lost ground or just going to bed and starting off tomorrow as a new day. It’ll all still be there tomorrow – no sense in losing any sleep over it. Good night.

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  1. OMG me <3s HOUSE!!!!

    Also, migraines suck. 🙁 I found that Excedrin Extra Strength, lots of water, and sleeping in a cool, dark room helps, but it seriously does just conk me out for the day, it really bites if one needs to do work or anything.

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