a not-so-sticky situation…

Ok, folks – need some ideas!

I want to hang Christmas lights out on my balcony along the railing of the screen, but I can’t seem to get anything to stick to the damn thing. I’ve tried those special 3M cup hooks, regular adhesive tape, putty – you name it. I really don’t want to use a type of glue, as I am renting and I can only imagine the headaches if it won’t come off later. The railing is pretty much a flat piece of aluminum that runs the length of the balcony – no ledges or really anything to work with, unfortunately.

About the only other option that comes to mind would be to run ornament hooks / paperclips / wire through the screen and tie them up, but I’ve done that before and it has a tendency to tear out squares of the screen over time. Help!!!

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  1. Don’t know if this’ll work, but waht if you drilled small holes in the aluminum and then stuck something in it. Shouldn’t be easy to see and you can get dark hooks. You know like the hooky screw things. Just a thought. I did mine with a staple gun, but don’t think staple things work too well with aluminum.

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