Another week that I forgot to update…


So any idea where I left off???

Diet and Exercise (or a complete lack thereof)
I don’t think I’ve exercised at all in the last week, and I haven’t exactly been eating very well either because according to my latest trip to the scale, I weighed in at nearly fifteen pounds more than what my best weights were over the last year. 🙁 So it’s really time to step it into gear – no more excuses. I’ve been watching Sara eat her Weight Watchers religiously over the past couple of weeks now and even with a bit of slacking exercise-wise, she’s lost something like 7 pounds already, so I just need to take a hint of motivation from her and get moving. Starting tomorrow I’m going to begin a new routine – as much as I hate it, I’m going to actually get up and exercise first thing in the morning – even if only for half an hour. I need to start giving myself more time to get to work anyways so that I can stop being late and I figured I might as well get the exercise out of the way first thing as well. A long while back I was actually getting up an hour early and putting in some time on the eliptical, so hopefully it won’t be too bad. With any luck, an extra hour will knock out my exercise for the day first thing in the morning, give me enough time to actually sit down for breakfast, and get out the door without feeling quite as rushed! I’ll let you know what actually happens…

This one is still sorely lacking as well, but I really need to get off my kiester and get moving because recently I found a whole new slew of freelance postings that I could be cashing in on (literally) if only I was a little better organized. Between cleaning and getting some things ready for my new “diet” tomorrow, I didn’t really get the time that I had wanted in writing this evening but with any luck it’ll be a different story tomorrow night.

Happenings / This Weekend
Another lazy couple of days, which might just explain why the first two items above are as slacking as they seem! Much sleeping and cleaning and fighting about cleaning was had, and Sara and I definitely took some much-needed relaxing moments amongst the mix, too. Yesterday I pretty much slept while Sara was at work, then tore apart the bedroom in a cleaning frenzy for most of the afternoon. Sunday brought us to the theater down the street to see Invincible, which was actually pretty good for a football movie, except that parts of the sound kept cutting out throughout the entire thing. We ended up getting two free passes to go back and watch something else on the house because of it, so I suppose all in all two for the price of one wasn’t too bad!

Happenings / Next Weekend
Saturday we’ll be over in Orlando for An Afternoon with Kevin Smith, which I’m horrendously looking forward to! They say that the Q&A will be a minimum of 4 hours, but the venue will let it continue as long as Kevin wants and his longest so far has been 7 hours. It should be very cool, indeed! Sunday is, well, a special surprise for Sara, so I can’t post anything about it just yet, but I’m betting my money that she’ll have a good time and that’s really all that matters…

Last Note: Disney Reservations FINALLY Made!!!
What: Sara and My six month anniversary (as far as dating is concerned)
When: the weekend of October 20th
Where: two nights at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, savannah room (giraffes and everything!); the first night at Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort (because we don’t make enough money to stay three nights at the AKL…just yet)

Let the countdown begin! 🙂

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