Bye-bye, Textamerica…

June 28, 2006 12:09am
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So I heard a rumor earlier this week that the original moblogging site, Textamerica, was planning on deleting all of its free users and switching to a paid subscription model. For a while I was actually contemplating just accepting the charges because it’s always been a pretty cool site to me and I enjoy looking like a complete dork on those instances when I’m actually being an active moblogger. Then I saw the new rate structure today – $99 a year – and said, “Poo poo!!!” to that!

All I can guess is that they’re about to go under, so they’re panicking because otherwise, that rate doesn’t even make sense and they’re going to scare off 90% or more of their user base the moment they start implementing it. Sure, it’s a premium service and I’m all about their trying to recover costs, but a hundred bucks a year is just way too much for the ability to simply post pictures from your cell phone. At least, it’s too much when there are still other services out there that will let you do it for free. I think I pay something like $15 / year for LiveJournal and I use their site a lot more than I ever do TA’s. Also, all of my blog posts from the last three years aren’t simply going to disappear if I don’t make my payment on time. Meh…

While I was thinking about looking into hosting a moblog server of my own for a replacement, I see that Flickr also seems to offer the same thing so I might just go over to them instead. Does anybody have any experience with Flickr or have any better suggestions for this new MoBlogger soon to be without an online home?

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