come on, weekend!!!

I don’t know if it’s because of my travel-filled Monday or just a lot of stuff going on right now, but I’m sure going to be happy when the whistle blows tomorrow evening…whenever it actually gets around to blowing, that is… 🙁

Router Issues Solved?
I finally hooked up the new router and switch that I ordered earlier this week to replace my horrible, unreliable old one and so far, so good. It took a while to kick everything back over to DHCP because they were all running static IPs because my last router was stupid, but so far I have yet to see a single drop and at this point, I really do think that the root of my problem was simply that I had a bad router. I’m not exactly ready to set everything in stone yet, but right now I’ve got a 1.5 GB linux distro downloading on bittorrent as a test to see how stable this thing will stay and so far it’s been doing a constant 350k/s down and 25k/s up without dying on me. I’m going to let it sit through the night and pray that I don’t wake up having to reboot like the old days … keep your fingers crossed!

To Disney, and Beyond!
Black-out dates for my pass kick in in about three weeks (June 10th, I think?), so today I started planning our next trip over to Orlando. I think we’ll be doing MGM Studios this time – an arguable favorite of mine, for the movie lover in me – and it should be a great time. I’m particularly looking forward to the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular because I haven’t seen it in such a long time, and even the Aerosmith Rockin’ Rollercoaster because I’ve never been and Sara will likely persuade me to turn my stomach upside-down with her! Of course, Fantasmic is by far my favorite of the park … maybe I’ll have to look into one of their dinner packages this time around.

Weekend Busy-ness

– company garage sale at 10am, with hopes of finding a new box to house my server pc and bring it back online
– plant shopping at Target in South Tampa to pick-up hopefully the last of the palms for my swank balcony hideaway
– visit Bright House office to swap current cable box for HD DVR to eliminate even one more reason for Sara to ever actually spend any time at her own apartment 😉
– kick back and watch a movie, in an attempt to forget all of the chaos of the previous week

– finally finish and mail in freaking income taxes (only a month late…)
– finish up this month’s paid writing assignments and search out some new ones
– package up and ship Mom’s real cool Mother’s Day gift that just sort of got lost in the shuffle last week
– …and this is pretty much as far as I’ve thought things through…

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