Disney Christmas Photos – part 1 of 1,000,000

Sara and I wrapped up our Thanksgiving weekend Sunday night by playing over at Disney World for a few hours. Nothing too fancy – we didn’t even get there until nearly 7pm (and were surprised to still have to pay parking, by the way!). Basically we just checked out the Christmas decor, took a lap around World Showcase for some exercise, had dinner at The Land (we both ate from the Asian counter and were pretty impressed by the quality of the food, for being counter-service), took a ride on Soarin’ real quick (sign said 30min wait – more like 5!), and then wandered over to Downtown Disney for some early Christmas shopping and more lights. Overall, we didn’t end up spending too much money, Sara got her ice cream fix at Ghirardelli Soda Fountain, and all was right with the world!

(Main Christmas Tree @ Epcot)

(Dancing Lights Overhead the International Gateway)

(One of My Two New Favorite Christmas Shots @ Epcot – the Topiary Display at the Entrance to the Park)

(Favorite Pic #2 – this could almost go on a Christmas card or something…)

(Santa’s Greeting Area @ Downtown Disney)

(More Holiday Lights Around Downtown Disney)

(Christmas Tree Outside Once Upon a Toy)

(One of Several “Winter Holiday” Displays – lots of interesting info on each of the major ones)

(The Three Wise Men)

(from the Kwanza display – I had no idea Kwanza wasn’t a religious holiday until I read this…very cool stuff)
Galleries should be coming very soon!!! I just finished importing and sorting all of my Everglades photos tonight, so now I only have a few other miscellaneous trips and our big 700-pic monstrosity from our recent Disney vacation – I do want to get those done soon, though. I’m sure we’ll have many more Disney pics from the holiday season coming soon – hopefully by then I won’t have to resort to posting them like this. Nonetheless, enjoy!

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