Ok, so I’ve literally been staring at the computer for a good six hours now, trying to figure out this stupid mouseover nonsense for a new site design. Images are no problem, but I want to hover over a set of images and have several separate text elements change for each icon – basically to cycle through my current columns in a variety of categories. The script I have now works ok in small doses, but I keep breaking it with apostrophes and quotation marks (whether in links or the column text itself) and there’s just got to be an easier way to do this…

What’s killing me at this point is inserting the link to display each entire column – it won’t let me just be lazy and put the entire anchor tag in the variable, even though I know that I shouldn’t be doing it that way anyways. One would think that there should be a simple way in php for me to just name all of my variables, then swap them at leisure using javascript without the headache that I have now.

Maybe I just need a break – go “outside” or something! 😛


  1. Rose DesRochers

    Waa Waa wambulance. I’m just joking. I was looking for your humor column and ended up here. 🙂

  2. Re: Rose DesRochers

    Ahhh, always got to appreciate the love and support of my undying fans… 😉

    Anyways, your best bet for my column is currently at Just Laugh’s archives:

    There’s also another year or so’s worth buried here:

    Nonetheless, the rebuild for should be done shortly and then everything I’ve written, including about a year’s worth of stuff from last year that has never even been published, should all be available there. Thanks for your patience – enjoy!

  3. I wish I had enough webdesigning savvy to help. o.o
    I like your site though, with the binderpaper and all, I need to make a sort of portfolio-type site just for me, like that.

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