good night

Today was a good day. You know, one of those lay around most of the afternoon doing pretty much nothing, then go out in the evening and kick it old-school style sort of days? Yep – that’s exactly what we did today, or at least something like that…

The original plan was to finish painting, haul a load of stuff up from Sara’s apartment, then maybe catch a movie or something. Mind you, when none of that had happened by about 5pm or so, we opted to just skip right to the dinner and a movie part, leaving the rest to pick-up tomorrow. Talk about your perfect example of simply rolling with the punches – we headed out for dinner at Stumps down at Channelside, then to watch the new Superman flick on IMAX, but the wait ended up being so long at Stumps that we opted to just have something quick at Hooters instead. A quick meander around after our meal taught us that we’d not only missed out on the 9pm showing, but also that even the super-late showing was already sold out, so from there we decided to do the only thing that we could do living in Florida – go to the beach instead.

We’re still looking for someplace to go on the 4th for fireworks, so we thought it would be good practice to just drive around and find something. This ended us up at Madeira Beach over on the gulf coast and even just the sea breeze alone proved to be just what the both of us needed after an otherwise topsy-turvy kind of week. We first stopped off for a cheezy round of mini-golf (after 18 holes, I beat Sara by one stroke, for those of you keeping track at home), then grabbed some ice cream from a barely open gas station and walked over to the beach for a leisurely stroll down the shoreline. It was great – the water was warm as bath water, you could actually see the stars twinkling in the sky because we were far enough away from the city lights, and there were only a few other people in the area at the time, so it was nice and quiet to boot. It would’ve been sooooo easy to fall asleep out there, with the ocean waves lapping up against the beach – truly a great way to wrap up a day otherwise spent doing absolutely nothing!

…of course, my opinion stands that sometimes you just need to take days like that every now and again to preserve your own sanity. Next time, though, we vowed to go sometime during the day when we might actually get a little sun and be able to spend some time in the water, but this was still a good start! Now if you’ll excuse me, clearly I’ve had a busy day and could use some rest…

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