irritated with Quiznos…

So today I decided to pick-up lunch / dinner at Quiznos because a) I haven’t eaten there pretty much since we moved from downtown, and b) I ended up working a later shift that I knew wouldn’t allow me time to go get food, so I wanted to have something already there. Sure, I could’ve made something and taken it with me if I’d actually be running on time, but regardless…

I’m mad at Quiznos because they don’t really make their nutritional information available anywhere. Go on their website and you’ll find the numbers for exactly two of their sandwiches – of course, the bland and boring ones that nobody eats. Today I had a Cabo Chicken sub because they’re delicious, but I have absolutely no idea just how many calories it cost me. 🙁 I finally did some fuzzy math after comparing what various numbers on forums that I could find and put the whole thing down as 1280 calories, which sounds like a lot until you consider that it’s pretty much all I ate all day … and with that many calories, it’s no wonder that I wasn’t really all that hungry, either! Of course, ultimately I can only assume that I made my goal today, but needless to say I probably won’t be eating there again in the immediate future – Subway’s sandwiches aren’t quite as good, but at least that’s a company that is willing to tell us what we’re eating.

But anyways, I’ve actually been doing really good with the calorie counting thing for my first week. One day I went over by about 13 calories, but nothing to be concerned about. I can’t wait for Sunday so I can see if all of this torture did any good! I know in the upcoming weeks I’ll have to shift my focus to address the other aspects of the scale – namely sodium, to help control my blood pressure – but right now just limiting myself to less than 2000 calories a day is enough of an accomplishment for me! I’ve only had a couple of minor cravings here and there, and did document them to make sure I still stayed within the guidelines, so I’m pretty proud of myself right now. Next week I do need to do a little better job at exercising along with it, but that’s a post for another day…


  1. Just make sure you’re getting all your vitamins and minerals, too…I mean yeah that sandwich probably had enough calories or whatever, but I seriously doubt it took care of all or even most of your daily recommended dose of calcium, B-vitamins, fiber, or potassium.

  2. Yeah – the program I’m using tracks all sorts of nutrients, but I’m just trying to keep the calories and the sodium in line for starters (sodium plays a big part in the high blood pressure).

    And honestly, it oughta be interesting because I really don’t see how ANYONE could possibly eat within the recommended guidelines without growing their own food or something! My sodium is usually between 1.5-2x what it should be, and that’s after going on this diet – I can only imagine what it used to be like when I’d just eat until I was full… 🙁

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