Item #3: Boo to all you restaurants who post partial nutritional guides on your websites, if that…

Last week it was Quizno’s, this time – the Olive Garden. :<

Last night we went out to the Olive Garden because Sara loves the place and, well you know the rest. Tonight I’m trying to fill out my calorie listings for over the weekend and of all the places that are falling short, the Olive Garden is right up at the top of my list! Go figure – the likes of Arby’s and even Ben & Jerry’s have listings online (Arby’s is actually pretty cool!), but the Olive Garden only lists crap from their “Garden Fare” selection, as if they don’t dare post the contents of their normal dishes.

I’m not expecting for the stats to be great and all – not with other fast food on the list – but at least be honest with me about what I’m eating. You’re very lucky that Sara loves the place because otherwise this would be reason enough for me to take you off the list! There’s a reason people like me hate you … it’s because you suck…

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