Life, Love and the Pursuit of Happiness…

Ok, so where did I leave off???

It’s hard to believe that I went this long in between updates, but I suppose in the grand scheme of things I’ve just been really busy lately … and for the first time in quite a while, such busy-ness has been completely void of happenings online. “Real Life,” here we come…

So where to start? I’m actually posting this from Michigan, where I’ll be visiting for the next week in honor of Lori’s wedding. Yep, the little sister is getting married and that’s a pretty exciting thing – maybe I’ll look into doing it myself in a few years! But in the meantime, I can live vicariously through her because she seems to be doing well. She’s excited about one of the biggest days of her life, which although pretty much expected, is still cool to see; I met Ray, the fiance, for the first time last night and he seems pretty cool … I’m definitely glad that she’s not marrying a creep; and overall, it’s just good to be home for a while. Living on the other side of the country, I don’t get to see my family all that much, so I guess that just makes times like these all the more special.

Back in Tampa, things are certainly going very well for me, and of course, by that I mean that the previously-mentioned Sara is still around and needless to say, I’m very, very happy. At this point, we’re officially in a relationship together and even though we’ve only been seeing each other for a few weeks, it feels like we’ve known each other much longer than that. I think communication is the key to that because we really seem to mesh together well – we might not always agree on a given topic, but it’s refreshing to be around someone who can not only carry on a discussion without getting offended about having opposing viewpoints, but who’s also ultimately not dependent on sharing the same opinions. The openmindedness is really something that I welcome and it’s just made it so much easier for us to grow attached to each other so quickly…

Also, she’s absolutely adorable, but that’s a post for another day! Maybe if you’re lucky, one of these days I’ll talk her into taking a picture of both of us together that can be posted here.

Anyways, life is just really good for me right now. Not everything is perfect, but who can honestly ever expect it to be? At least for me, it seems like having the right person around just makes all the difference when dealing both good and bad, and I hope it keeps up because it’s really a feeling that I could get used to. Over the next week, I look forward to getting myself back into the swing of writing again…again…starting with some tales of the very vacation that I’m on right now, so that ought to be a good time. I’ll try to make it a point to post more often, but just in case there’s any doubt, I’m doing well.


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