MSN woes

Does anyone else experience issues trying to use MSN Messenger via Trillian? I’ve upgraded to the latest version (3.1 Pro), but it still drops that particular connection all the time and I can’t find any good explanations why. Is there a port that I’m supposed to be forwarding or something maybe?

ICQ, Yahoo and AIM all seem to work fine…


  1. hm… I’m using the non-pro version and it’s fine. odd.

    I have an annoying niggle that when people change their display name, it never updates it on my contact list.

    that, and AIM never seems to figure out that when I globally set “available” that I mean “switch off from ‘away'”.

  2. Any fixes or have you just learned to deal with it?

    Sometimes I can log right back in, while others I have to completely shutdown and re-open Trillian to restore the connection. It sounds like maybe it’s just a problem with the current plug-in that they’re using to connect to MSN… 🙁

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