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I dug into the archives for a little gaming circa 1990 and played some Final Fantasy this evening (the PS1 enhanced version, not the real original). Apparently the last time I played, I’d been putting off doing the whole Earth Cave thing because there’s a lot of pain in the ass monsters down there, so I took about an hour and buzzed through all of those. Whooped Lich in about three minutes flat … he hardly had time to lay a hand on me … and then I reluctantly decided that it was time to put down the controller and get back to work… 🙁

Is it just me or do weeks seem to be going by really quickly these days? I feel like I don’t even count the actual days anymore, just whether or not I have to pay rent again on a given week. You know it’s bad when you find yourself asking, “What day is it?” more than a couple of times in a given week! I think I need a vacation.

No, not one of those – a REAL vacation this time! I don’t care what it costs … I just need to get away for a while. Any suggestions?

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  1. Heh… wait til you get to the Temple of Fiends for the second time… fuggin’ dragons. Erg. The last 4 levels of it are a piece of cake if you can live through the floors and floors of nothing but dragons.

    I find it ironic that the good dragons give you the class change, but the ones in the Temple of Fiends aren’t nearly as helpful.

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