So I spent two grand on furniture last night…

Ok, no more spending for me until I pay off some bills, but Kane’s had a really good deal on the bedroom set that I’ve been wanting and after seeing their latest ad in the paper, I finally caved. It took a little haggling to get what I wanted and I ultimately ended up spending a little more than I had planned, but in my defense they are some really nice pieces and my bedroom could use some sprucing up!

Plus, who can really argue when they’re offering no interest, no payments until 2008?! 😉

So now I’m pondering whether or not I should go ahead and re-paint the bedroom to a shade of green that will better compliment all of my new additions. The furniture is all palm / bamboo / wicker-type stuff (tropical styles) that will go great with my new comforter, but it might just make the blue walls even more out of place … which kinda sucks because I really do like the color. I think I’ll wait until everything gets delivered next weekend so I can see if I can bring it together simply by adding a couple of plants with really big, green fronds, or if I’m going to have to dedicate another weekend to painting all over again.

The old me wouldn’t really care, but then again, the old me wouldn’t have just gone out and spent that kind of money on decorative furniture, either! I guess if I’m going to be here for another year or two before I can buy a house, I might as well be comfortable…


  1. Yeah, in the picture of my comforter that I posted a few days ago, you can see the color of the wall and it’s kinda iffy. I’ve had one person tell me that they LIKE the blue with the gold/brown comforter, but everyone else said that it does clash and green would go better.

    I’ll post more pictures next weekend when the loot shows up.

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