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Help a single guy out, will ya?

Does anybody else happen to have one of those swiffer things that you’re “supposed to use” to mop the floor with (specifically the wet one)? I bought one when I moved into my condo because it’s mostly tile floor, but it seems like lately, it hasn’t been working worth a damn for me anymore! I’ve used it in the past to clean up spills and whatnot, and that wasn’t too bad, but today I “attempted” to use it to clean the entire living room floor and pretty much failed miserably. I even swept first because I was afraid that it wouldn’t cope well with the more ferocious of the dust bunnies in my home, but even with that all it really did was muck around the dirt on the floor and make it worse than it was before…

Am I doing something wrong? Is there maybe a special dance or something that needs to be done in order to please the Proctor & Gamble Gods and thus enlighten my floor before the cleansing can ensue? Any advice that you might lend would certainly be appreciated … if I don’t figure out something soon, I might just buy a rug and call it a day.

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  1. Swiffers never worked for me, my mom got me a Clorox bleach thingamajigger that squirts stuff out and is basically the lazy man’s (or woman’s) way out of really mopping.


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