this, that, and the other thing…

Got up bright and early (read: 5 AM!!!) to do the finishing touches on the calendar revisions and print out some stuff, but those plans were soon trashed when my printer completely and thoroughly crapped out on me. Everything came out blue…nothing but blue, and opening up the cover, I found that mysteriously the pink and yellow tanks had somehow gotten blue ink in them as well – talk about a mess! Came home and yanked the print head out to find that there was a ton of blue ink pooled at the base of the jets – I guess it must’ve back fed up into the other tanks or something. Soaked the whole thing in rubbing alcohol and water this evening and it looks fairly clean now – will be interested to see if the damn thing still works tomorrow after I let it dry overnight! 😛

Got my schedule changed at work so I’m now doing 9a-6p instead of 8a-5p – hopefully that’ll cut down on the time that I have to sit in traffic a bit. Mind you, I’ll only be reporting downtown for another week, then I’m in the new building two miles away from home anyways, but lately I’ve been staying late until at least 6p to get things caught up, so I might as well get an extra hour of sleep for it.

I’m also hoping that this will help change my mood in the evenings, too. It seems like for the past couple of weeks, I’ve been kind of crabby / depressed / don’t want to do anything when I get home, which sucks because I’ve got about a million different projects that I want to be working on right now! Sometimes it’s been stemming from leaving work in a bad mood – I know that, for sure – but today I was fine until I got home around 6:30p, and then suddenly it was almost nine o’clock before I could motivate myself to get up and be productive! Maybe it’s just something with trying to change so many things in my life at once – between the diet and the exercise and resurrecting several creative projects, I might just be overwhelmed. *shrugs*

Made a taco salad for dinner this evening, just like Mom used to make! Mmmmm….

Time to go exercise. Bleh…

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