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So I don’t know exactly why, but for some reason I’ve taken up a bit of an interest in gardening, of all things, lately. I think it started with the idea of finding a few indoor plants to scatter throughout the house because they seem to make the room feel a little more “air-y” (for lack of a better term), but over the past week or so that plan somehow exploded into my undertaking the project of converting my balcony into something of a tropical paradise as well. Whereas in my old apartment, I pretty much had room for the table and chairs and a single potted plant, at this point I’ve got more than half a dozen lining just one of the walls and there’s still tons of room to work with. The entire vision will probably take a couple of months to complete because I’m bound to run out of money here eventually (!!!), but it’s a fun little thing to spend some time on here and there that doesn’t involve a computer, so that’s nice… 🙂

In other news, I went shopping this evening and in addition to the $100+ that I managed to spend on foliage and related products, I also (finally) found a new comforter that didn’t cost me an arm and a leg! A friend at work had scouted out a neat little consignment store in South Tampa called The Missing Piece that deals in “luxury furniture” and the liking. Mentioning that he’d seen a palm-laden comforter in their window display last week, I tried going over the weekend, but they had been closed. Tried again tonight and BINGO – talk about stepping into luck! I ended up finding a very nice king-size comforter with pillow shams and all of that junk for a mere $139 … the sales people said that they had thought the original owners mentioned something about it being a $450 set, so not a bad deal, I don’t think! Mind you, I’m still not entirely sold on the color because it’s a tad darker than I was looking for and it would probably go better with green walls than my freshly-painted blue ones, but Rome wasn’t built in a day. Nonetheless, for all those who have ever hassled me about the damn cloud sheets, you’ll have to find another avenue for your spiteful jeers from here on out! 😛

I’ll wrap things up this evening with a few pictures of the mild adventures described above. Granted, these aren’t of the best quality because it tends to get dark around here after 11:30pm, but hopefully I’ll be able to include some better shots in with the long-awaited photo tour of my new condo that I hope to finally get around to posting this weekend! Enjoy…

my little garden in the making

the lone flower in the rough

I’ve even got plants inside, oh my!

not a cloud in sight…

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