Wal-Mart finally did something right!

I certainly don’t cite the big blue for doing many things right these days, and I normally won’t even touch many Wal-Mart brand products because I’ve had so many bad experiences in the past, but I’ve got to say that their deli … or at least the one at the store up the street … ain’t doing too bad! This is the second or third time that I’ve had the boneless BBQ wings that they do and coupled with a helping of potato wedges, it doesn’t make too bad of a meal on the go. Granted, probably not the healthiest thing for me, but I’m ignoring that fact until I return from vacation at this point!

The whole meal was, like, six bucks and is easily enough for two people (or leftovers tomorrow). Now if only pretty much every single other department in the store could learn from these guys…

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