What I did instead of getting any actual work done this evening…

www.thisisbroken.com is a neat website.

“I have had it with these Mother-Fucking Snakes in this Mother-Fucking Rest Area!!!”
“That’s not a very good lunch deal at all!”
Bad Nails
BS Cookies
“Of course I don’t need a map – I’m a Man!”
Security Tip: “Don’t tell everyone…”
Courtesy, Indeed…
“I can’t talk right now – I’m in a meeting!”
Service at Restaurant Down the Street…
“Almost” Unlimited Toppings
“Possibly” An Emergency Exit
“Really, either way is fine – thanks…”
Tee Hee Hee…
Better Than Hooked on Phonics
“At least 100%, maybe MORE!”
Worse Than Northern Michigan…
Betcha Can’t Shred Just One!
Goodbye, Grease
“Welcome to Embassy Suites, Loser!”
“And you smell like a dog, too…”
“…and black is white, and day is night – here in Bizarro World.”
“Shhhhh – don’t tell anybody!”

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