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I hate Quiznos.

Well, at least I do as of 2:04pm today when I stopped by the location closed to my office and learned that they’re discontinuing my favorite sandwich, the Smokehouse Beef Brisket. Quiznos was one of the few sandwich places that still did a barbecue sub – Subway dropped their shredded barbecue chicken a few years ago and Firehouse doesn’t have anything even close on their menu. I was so bummed I actually walked out of the store without getting anything at all. What’s a guy got to do to get a decent barbecue around here?!

The first of our Christmas lights are now officially up!

Mind you, it’s literally two strings of icicle lights spanning only half the front of the house, but it’s a start. It’s taking longer than I had anticipated because I’m being really picky on my design – I’ve literally spent the last three nights swapping bulbs between strings to get the proper color combinations. Crazy … but it’s gonna look sweet when I’m done, I promise! My goal is to have everything up by the end of the weekend, so we’ll see…

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