a pop quiz just for Lori

My sister and I watched a ridiculous amount of Nickelodeon growing up. I haven’t the foggiest idea why, but these types of questions started popping into my head this evening while I was supposed to be brainstorming for my humor column. If you think you know any of the answers, all I ask is that you wait to comment until she buzzes in with her own answers. Let’s have some fun!

1. What was the worst possible form of hazing that a camper could receive from a fellow camper at Camp Anawanna on Salute Your Shorts?

2. What was the name of Pete’s tattoo on The Adventures of Pete & Pete?

3. What did Clarissa’s Dad do for a living on Clarissa Explains It All?

4. What were the three original Nicktoons?

5. Who were the three original hosts of Wild and Crazy Kids?

6. Who was Ted chasing after all summer as he worked on the ranch on Hey Dude!, and for the extra point: what was the name of the bosses son???

7. What was Stick Stickley’s mailing address?

8. What was the name of Doug Funnie’s dog in Doug?

9. Who was Mr. Big Head’s employer in Rocko’s Modern Life?

10. What was the principal’s name in Welcome Freshmen?


  1. I’m guessing at a few of these…

    1. Something to do with awful waffle, I know.
    2. Petunia?
    3. I don’t know.
    4. Doug, Rugrats, Rocko’s Modern Life. Total guess.
    5. Omar. I know that much.
    6. Brad.
    7. PO Box 923, New York City, NY, 10108!
    8. Porkchop.
    9. Conglomo?
    10. I’m going to get you back for this.

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