Bright House sucks…

…and Verizon isn’t much better.

We came home Monday night to the worst cable & internet services we’ve had to date. Internet access is down almost daily … it’s actually been down since yesterday and I’m only able to post tonight because my neighbor finally turned back on their unprotected wi-fi point. Also, during Tuesday’s American Idol broadcast, our Tivo decided that it didn’t want to record anymore because it thought that no recordings was the same thing as three recordings and refused to record until we deleted something that didn’t exist.

To make matters worse, a Verizon FiOS rep finally came back today, but apparently nobody ever followed up on the crack in the wall issue so he couldn’t do anything until someone talks to our HOA. I’ve finally got the contact info for a supervisor with their install group, but I still have a bad feeling that when they call to ask the HOA if they can go ahead, they’re going to be told no anyways.

And I don’t have a cell phone right now! My Sprint phone died on vacation and now won’t turn on anymore, and it really sucks not having any way for Sara to get ahold of me or text me during the day. We tried to go get me a Verizon phone Tuesday night, but the manager working there first misquoted the prices and then refused to honor them when we went to make the purchase, so I left mad and I’ve been without a cell phone since. Well, technically I finally got my cell for work yesterday and have been using that a little because the house phone is dead with no Internet access, but I really don’t want to abuse that right off the bat.

To top it all off, I’ve still got lots of vacation photos to post and haven’t been able to between busy schedules and crappy Internet. I’ll try to throw up a few more tonight from my laptop as long as the wi-fi holds out. It just sucks being so reliant on something and then suddenly losing it – it’s how I communicate, track my diet, research for my columns, and as of late how we’ve been planning the wedding, too. Grrrr…


  1. No to Comcast – our internet options are either Verizon or Bright House, and for a long time it was just Bright House, which sucks because right across the bay they’ve got Knology as well and the prices are cheaper just because of the competition.

    And I’ve heard a lot of bad things about Cingular, at least from people around here. I think Sara’s going to go into a different Verizon store by herself next week and try to get me a better deal on a phone from them … you know, however you chicks normally get your discounts … so we’ll see.

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