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Weekend = Good
Despite all that presented every reason to have a crappy weekend on Friday, it still managed to turn out ok and I have Sara to thank for that. Being the wedding-crazy slave-driver that she is, a significant chunk of time was spent working on our wedding website because she wants it done about a year and a half ago! Getting close, though, and I’m surprisingly happy with how well it’s turning out, so with any luck it should be done in the next day or two. Link to come when that happens. Aside from that, we spent Saturday evening over at Downtown Disney for dinner (not the best meal I’ve had at Wolfgang Puck Express), mini-golf (Sara whooped my butt – I don’t wanna talk about it!), and a movie (Knocked Up, which was much better than I thought it would be). As they all are, the only caveat was that the weekend as a whole was too short, but a good time was still had by all.

Writing Momentum
Seems to be going somewhat better than usual, as I’m getting a few things done here and there and even started brainstorming an idea for possibly a new fiction story, which intrigues me because I don’t really feel like I’ve written a really good fiction story since, like, the 8th grade! Don’t know where I’m going, if anywhere, with it yet, but it’s still interesting…

To Hell with Our Gym!
Sara and I went down to exercise together last night so she could show me the weights, and not only did they pull out two or three machines because someone else had left them there and they weren’t “covered by the insurance,” but now also the one and only treadmill is “Broked” according to the note left assumedly by whoever brokeded it. So now it’s either going for walks outside, which I’ve actually been doing a lot lately, or using Sara’s recumbent bike for my cardio. As much as we’d like some stuff of our own, gym equipment is too expensive when we’ve got the wedding to save for, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed that wherever we move to will have a gym that’s a little better kept up. And just for the record, we’re both very ready for a change from this place…

Car Go … Maybe
My car might not make it much longer, as I’ve been finding it more and more difficult to shift gears as of late. I was really having to force it today, babying it like crazy, and I’m afraid one of these times it’s just not going to go into gear anymore. Need to go see a mechanic in the next day or two to see the damage, but if it’s too high, a replacement car might end up being the more economical option at this point. The thing is 9 years old with 145k miles on it, so what should I expect?

Computers Aren’t My Friend
So I didn’t write about it because life was too crazy, but one night when I went to use the computer last week, instead of getting LiveJournal, I got a message from Road Runner stating that they’d received a complaint citing unsolicited bulk e-mail coming from my IP Address. No threats at this point, just a request to check out the computers on our network to see if there’s any Spyware lurking about, and boy, was there ever! Both my laptop and desktop are pretty much lost causes at this point – the laptop had twenty or thirty different pieces of malware and spyware on it, so I finally broke down and just reformatted the drive for the first time since I bought it back in 2002. I think I’m still installing security updates from Microsoft on it now, but it’s surprisingly quicker and this time I’ll try to keep a little more up on those patches! As for the desktop, it now likes to lose power every time I try to run Spybot Search & Destroy, so it’s next on the reformatting list once the laptop is back up to speed. After these, I’m also throwing linux on a PC in the corner for general web surfing to help cut down on the amount of crap that’s slipping through…

4th of July … Wednesday
I’m off, no plans, and Sara has to work all day. I honestly don’t really care about fireworks all that much because we see them at Disney all the time anyways and we’d be rushing like mad to catch them after Sara gets out, so I’ll probably just sit around the house and try to catch up on writing and video games and whatnot. Fun!

End transmission.

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