Friday Night Disney Recap

So yesterday afternoon I left work early so that Sara and I could go play over at Disney and check out the new Monsters, Inc. attraction at the Magic Kingdom. I’ll post my specific review of the preview here in a little bit, but here’s everything else that happened over the course of about seven hours…

I Thought YOU Were Gonna Check the Weather Report…
Aside from a horrible traffic jam because somebody decided to run head-first into a guard rail on I-75, the trip over was pretty uneventful, except for the fact that pretty much as soon as we got on property, it started raining. Not enough to consider turning around, but certainly not the little sprinkle that one would just brush off and be dry ten minutes later from, either. Luckily we had an umbrella in the car, so that got us into the park relatively dry, but Sara feared being cold and wet later on, so we (she) proceeded to spend a whole lot of money in the nearest gift shop on pretty much an entire set of clothes! Good news was that I got a new raincoat out of it … to replace the one I had back in high school … and of course, the moment we stepped out of the gift shop, it stopped raining and we never saw precipitation again that evening…

Buzz Fastpasses
We’ve been getting good at this whole Fastpass game and for the second time in a row, grabbed passes for Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin before heading off to eat. We did this last time when we were here with my Mom, too, and were able to get right on after we finished eating – very cool! Plus, this has kind of become a favorite for Sara and I, as we compete to see who can beat who – this time I clobbered her, although she’ll tell you that last time was a totally different ballgame.

I had found a cheat sheet online of where the best places to aim for are, but forgot to brush up before our match – next time should be an interesting game, though!

Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor – Passholder Preview

The Five Year-Old Flasher
I was so disappointed because I didn’t get to see it firsthand for myself, but while we were waiting in line for the flying carpets in AdventureLand, Sara witnessed quite possibly the funniest thing of the whole trip. All I heard was his mother shrieking something fierce – apparently only moments before I turned to look, this kid no older than probably four or five just happened to have his penis hanging out, just a flappin’ in the breeze! And I’m told it wasn’t just a little at the tip, but the balls and everything … stay tuned for my new sequel to Kids Say the Darnedest Things entitled Kids Do the Darnedest Things With Their Genitals

I know – I’m immature. Already a known fact, so let’s move on.

Other Attractions
We didn’t really hit up a whole lot of other places after this – we did take a walk through the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse and go on the Jungle Cruise because we’d never done those before, and I think Sara got quite the kick out of the cruise just because not often do you get to hear that kind of a performance out of Disney castmembers … at least not intentionally! From there we got Fastpasses for Big Thunder, but never ended up using them, and doubled back for some ice cream in Tomorrowland before hitting up a few gift shops on the way out. I picked up a few pins for Sara, as well as another gift that cannot be mentioned here without worry of ruining the surprise, and we ended up leaving the park just in time to catch the last half of Wishes from a great spot in the middle of Main Street USA.

Fantasia Gardens Miniature Golf
Of course, the night was still young and lately we’ve been striving to make the most of our time together, so once back at the car we proceeded to go play a relaxing round of mini golf. The last time we played over there, we had an absolute blast at Winter Summerland by Blizzard Beach, so our first inclination was to go play the other course (summer) there, but instead we came across Fantasia Gardens first, which actually proved to be a considerably cooler course, although ultimately it was a lot harder and Sara beat me because I had a couple of really bad holes! Overall it was a pretty neat round and I’m sure we’ll go back, but my biggest problem were the hole on inclines – there were maybe three or four that started off at the bottom of probably 50 or 60 degree inclines so if you didn’t wail on the ball hard enough to hop over the hill, you never even got past the tee off! I had two or three 6 and 8 stroke holes because of this, and Sara ended up beating me by 2 or 3 strokes, so you do the math…

Blackout dates are now in effect through Easter, which is fine because Sara’s working anyways, but it was definitely nice to get over there and have some fun because we haven’t been there just the two of us in a while. I don’t know if we’ll go over anytime in April before our big vacation in May, but if nothing else, maybe we can squeeze in a short evening of dinner and fireworks at Epcot to end a busy week or something. We still haven’t spent as much time at MGM or Animal Kingdom as the other two, but I think hands down Epcot is our favorite park right now and aside from getting there two hours in advance to get decent seats for Fantasmic, you just can’t beat IllumiNations as a perfect end to a day at Disney World.

Good times…

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