Gallery grief

I spent a good deal of time fighting with Gallery today, trying to get multi-site working properly so that I can start rebuilding my personal photo galleries that I’ve been neglecting for quite some time. I almost thought I had it working … twice … but now I’m about at the point where I’m ready to wipe the whole thing and do a clean install if things don’t start looking up soon! I’ve got my new gallery installed as a multi-site and now all of the included modules actually show up (they weren’t earlier today), but nothing happens when I click on them in the admin menus and they should show me a whole array of options. I’ve tried reinstalling portions, resetting database passwords, but now I haven’t the foggiest idea what else could be wrong…

Sadly, I think it’s just mucked up at this point. If I’m seeing things right, I might have as many as three different installations of Gallery on the server – the original one from way back in the day (which should’ve been on 1.0 but apparently is now running 2.0), the one I installed to replace the previously-mentioned version, but did because I was still tweaking (running 1.6, but now it won’t even launch), and the multi-site version that our wedding website and also today’s install are running from (wedding gallery is surprisingly working fine … until now … crap).

Oh yeah, and I think there are separate instances running for Just Laugh and L7 Comix, too, so that makes five copies running on one server! I think it’s time for some clean-up!

I was afraid to clean house until just now when I tried to login to the wedding version to verify if the modules were working there and that one is now dead, too (don’t tell Sara!), so that’s it – I’m going to make one final pass to make sure I have copies of all my photos, then I’m deleting everything in every Gallery directory out there and starting from scratch! If I do this right, one install should be able to support everything, with multi-site nodes for the wedding album, all of my personal stuff, and Lori’s sketchbooks over at L7 Comix. The Just Laugh one, whatever it even is, will likely fall to the wayside because I want to rebuild that whole site in 2008 anyways so it’s really not worth setting up Gallery for it at this point and half the content will likely end up getting replaced anyways.

Wow – I guess I know what I’m doing this weekend now, in addition to cleaning the house and finishing Christmas lights and putting up the tree! Regardless, at least now I know what needs to be done and it’ll probably go a whole lot more smoothly starting fresh, so it’ll be worth it. Whew…

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