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I was just brainstorming about life, the universe, etc… the other day and started building a list in my head of some things that I’d like to do this year. Some are new, some have been on the list for a while, and of course, there are still the BIG THREE goals that are priority … even though I am finally making progress on at least a couple of them…

The Standard Three Goals

  • get writing online and post new columns on a regular, weekly basis
  • continue losing weight until I get to a healthy number
  • continue paying off debt, with hopes of cutting mine & Sara’s collective debt by 50% by year end…And Some Other Random Stuff That I Think I’d Like to Try to Do This Year
    • spend more time swimming / snorkeling and get more comfortable in the water again
  • pick up the acoustic guitar and slowly get into playing again here and there
  • be caught up with my writing so I’m only writing new stuff each week and am no longer plagued with backlog after backlog…after backlog
  • collect a check, whether it be for just advertising or directly for writing, from somebody new with my freelancing
  • spend a weekend over at one of the Epcot resorts for the International Food & Wine Festival this fall
  • possibly also do either Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party or the Candlelight Processional again, or both for Christmas
  • get through the wedding planning without going completely insane
  • keep the house a little cleaner (i.e. clean bathrooms, kitchen floors, etc… more than twice over the two years I’ve been here!)
  • go on a spur of the moment, weekend roadtrip
  • spend more time with Sara
  • see some live comedy, improv, or whatever that is actually funny
  • go to a concert – big or small
  • revisit past projects – either bringing parts of Just Laugh back online, or restart the comic, or maybe even start greeting cards withthe comic – just something creative that isn’t directly writing
  • move into a new house this fall that is a step or two up from where we are now, yet still in our price range
  • help get Sara ready for nursing school, and get our finances in order so that we’re not pulling hair out when her hours cut back
  • help encourage Sara to lose weight along with me
  • spend the month of December doing Christmas stuff (cookies, decorations, etc… – last year didn’t seem to happen because we were so busy)Just some food for thought…

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