House wha???

So were we the only ones who just felt completely and utterly gipped by the new episode of House tonight?! Build up a big, conflicting storyline, postpone the rising culmination until after the 4-week Christmas break so that you can play Rudolf and Miracle on 34th Street instead, and then just give up on the script and fix everything at the last minute … yeah, now that makes for good television! The last ten minutes felt like nothing but damage control to me – who’s gonna be all that interested in watching a clean and sober House tactfully save lives and that’s it?

I don’t know what was a more humorous way to end the episode – showing “previews” from the next where the limits get pushed farther than ever before … even though the whole Tritter thing pretty much just did that; or saying with a completely straight face that the next episode would be in 3 more weeks. Sorry, I like the show and all, but only one new episode per month is a bit much for me. That said, if the writing is going to continue like it did tonight, maybe it’s just as well…

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