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New York
We’re there now, spending quality time with Sara’s family and all that jazz. So far it seems that the whole focus of the trip is dress shopping – yesterday we had to find something for her sister to wear to the wedding, tomorrow is the wedding itself, and Sunday all of the girls are going dress shopping for our wedding … even though I thankfully won’t be involved with that one, as I’ll be hanging out with Sara’s Dad for the afternoon instead. While I can tolerate shopping with Sara alone for short durations, there’s just something about the thought of shopping with five Sara’s that makes me say, “Ummm … no thanks!”

While getting through the airport itself was actually pretty painless, the flight on the other hand was anything but. I think they need to make a rule that just says if the seat behind you is full, you can’t recline your seat – end of story – because the two kids in front of us opted to keep theirs reclined for the bulk of the trip, leaving us with less than 12 inches of space from chest to the seat back. Also, we hit some nasty turbulence over the ocean that frighteningly reminded me of the plane crash scene in Castaway, which really helped my nerves and all! Eventually we landed, and I vowed to not step foot in another plane for at least four days…

I’ve been doing some lately!!! I actually spent most of the plane ride up working on a new humor column – of course, about the horrible flying experience itself – and even had a chance to do some more last night. It seems like every time I take time off of work, the gears in my head start grinding about how I’d really like to not have to go there anymore, between the freedom, lack of drama, actually doing something I love for a living – you get the idea! We’ll see if I can keep the momentum up for more than a few days this time.

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