progress at last!!!

Tonight I weighed in under 220 for the first time in months!

219.0 to be exact, and boy am I just thrilled. I’ve been really focusing on calorie counting and controlling myself over the past week, after really letting things get out of hand since I re-started by diet for the 867th time back in March. It kinda sucks to think that last fall I was “kinda making progress” and fighting with the 210-mark, and now I’m just struggling to make up those last ten pounds of the nearly twenty that I packed back on in the cold winter months that Florida had last year!

This next week will be a challenge, as our 1-year vacation over at Disney starts Thursday night and it’ll be a lot harder to control portions and count calories over there, but I think as long as I don’t go crazy and get right back on track the following week, I should be ok. I figure with all of the walking around that we’ll do, it shouldn’t be unreasonable to at least maintain my current weight, if not lose anything. Ironically, the last time that we took a big trip over there was when I got officially bucked from my then-current diet plan and proceeded to gain everything back, so as long as I learn from my mistakes and don’t do that, I should be fine.


  1. w00t! Nicely done! You should be fine at Disney, just stay hydrated and eat lots of veggies! 😀

    Hey any chance you are going to be in Orlando in August? I’m going out there for a wedding.

  2. Surprisingly I’ve been eating a bowl of broccoli for dinner every night so far this week! Today I’m at 218.2 and feeling great…

    At this point we don’t have any plans to be there in August, but we’re only an hour’s drive away (at least from the Disney area) so I’m sure we can make some sort of arrangements to get together for lunch or something. Keep me posted!

  3. Well perfect as the wedding is going to be AT Disney! (Something to think about…? 😉 It’s something like the third week of August. I’d love to finally meet you (and your fiancée) IRL. 🙂

    One thing: I’m not going to tell many people that I’m going to be there. I don’t want to run into anyone who still bears ill will towards me. 😛

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