Scott Sevener, Blood Donor

So I did it.

This morning I overcame my deathly fear of needles for a greater cause … well, I wouldn’t exactly say that it’s gone now, but I did temporarily overcome it long enough for them to get a pint of my own! Ironically enough, I had a nosebleed the same morning, so it might’ve been even more convenient and spared me the needle if they’d just been around to catch the stuff then, but what can you do? I did have some “complications” right at the very end – I actually came pretty close to passing out after they took the needle out, but they said that it was due to stress and the anxiety of donating for the first time and my body getting used to what they just took. I’ve got to give them credit because Sara’s told me some not-so-pleasant stories about the people being jerks, including the last time when they wouldn’t listen to her when she explained how to tape the needle down because she’s allergic to the tape that they use, but this particular crew was just great – they helped keep me nice and calm, they answered any questions that I had along the way, and they were all pretty good and bouncing between joking and serious when they could tell that I was either joking to try to relax or when something was seriously wrong. Very professional, and I might just go back again someday!

Of course, I wouldn’t have even gone if it hadn’t been for Sara. I’ve thought about donating for a long time, but it’s always scared me too much, and then along comes Sara who donates every single time she’s able! I swear, we could have an entire closet filled with just the free t-shirts that they give away at this rate! She came down to my office and donated with me this time, and obviously, that helped a whole heck of a lot.

Good thing I keep her around, eh? Forcing me to do all of these things for the sake of humanity and whatnot… 😛

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