Sprint pretty much gives up on customer service as a whole…

Sprint breaks up with high-maintenance customers

This is tough because while I guess I can understand from a business perspective why you might finally decide that it’s just not economical to serve all of your customers if you’ve got specific ones that require enough work to not be considered profitable anymore, this also just leaves a real sour taste in my mouth because the wireless carriers are always fighting for subscribers as it is, and with the surge that came recently from at&t releasing the iPhone, you’d think the last thing that Sprint would want to do would be to stop collecting money from anyone. How much do they really think that that mediocre offering that they consider “customer service” costs them anyways?!

Just another bad example of a corporation that looks at service as an expense, rather than a given. “It’s really only economical for us to give quality customer service 78% of the time – that’s what we’ve statistically found our threshold to be…”

Then again, maybe if I make enough complaint calls, I can get one of those letters for myself and switch to a carrier that actually does care about it’s customers!

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