Straight out of episode 1F10…

July 23, 2007 12:18am
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…and it was every bit as cool as I had expected! Matt Groening is a genius. I think all 7/11s should get this makeover permanently! While I wasn’t able to get any Buzz Cola or an issue of Radioactive Man, I did leave with a couple of boxes of Krusty-Os and a Blue Woo-Hoo Vanilla Squishee, and that alone was pretty sweet.

Best. Marketing. Ever.

Also, if you think you would normally get weird looks taking pictures at a convenience store, mind you, there were at least three or four other people doing the exact same thing that we were the whole time we were there! The only ones that kind of gave us weird looks were those who were actually just there to get gas or a regular, boring soda or something. I swear, the only thing that could’ve possibly made this trip any awesomer would’ve been if the cashier had said, “Thank-you, come again!” in the classic Apu accent as we walked out! Simply brilliant…

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