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October 27, 2007 11:35pm
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It’s been such a long week – we’ve been trying to do little things around the house both before and after work, but the time was just so few and far between that it didn’t feel like we were getting much done. The painting got finished in the office on Wednesday and in our bedroom on Thursday, and furniture is finally getting moved into the rooms where they actually belong! It’s very exciting – I’m actually blogging this time from my computer at my desk in the office, and tonight will be the first night that we’ll be sleeping on our bed in the actual bedroom! So it’s nice to finally have the living room clear again, where we can enjoy how open it really is without tripping over a queen-size matress, and before too long our “formal dining room” – which has aptly been dubbed “The Awkward Space” by Sara and I because we clearly have no use for a formal dining room – will become home to a second fishtank, our ever-growing DVD collection, one of my guitars just in case I ever feel so inclined as to actually try to play again, etc, etc…

Also, to help with our settling in, we received these this morning from the owners of our house:

Very unexpected, and surprisingly nice flowers, too! Now if we could just get our keys to the community pools and gym, we’d be all set.

Regardless, we can’t complain too much and I think we’ll be all settled and enjoying the high life in our wonderful, new home in no time at all. Tomorrow we’re going to take a much-needed break and head over to Epcot for the International Food & Wine Festival, which is always a great combination of wonderful and delicious all at the same time! Now that we’re starting to get settled, I’m going to try to start blogging more again – I do feel kind of bad that I only had a handful of posts over the last month. And I am, as always, trying to get things back on track with my writing, too, so we’ll see just what November has in store for that soon…

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