this is so bizarre…

Yes, it’s 3:36 in the morning.

I just finished putting my 2006 tax return through Turbo Tax and they claim that I’ve got $765 coming back to me.

I should be elated, and yet I’m more confused than ever because I haven’t gotten a refund in years. Remember, I just finished paying a penalty for 2005’s return and gave the government $400?!

Really weird, but the more I go over my numbers, I can see that I made more at my day job, they took out significantly more taxes – probably due to my bonus, and it looks like I made so little for writing last year that my deductions completely ate up any income that I had, to the point where I don’t even have to pay self-employment taxes. Crazy…

I’ll have to double-check these darned things tomorrow after I’ve gotten a bit of sleep, but if it’s actually true, then that’s pretty sweet! It’ll all get sent to Chase Manhattan to help pay down credit cards, but still, pretty sweet indeed.

Good night.

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