UPDATE: ISP jitters

Well, we’re still on Bright House’s time for another week…

Would you believe that not one, but two excuses came up that prevented the installation from going through today?!

1) Apparently the fiber that had been layed last week was broken somewhere along the line, so it will have to be redrawn. They were going to come out and redo it this afternoon, but that never happened.
2) Worse yet, though, is that apparently the wall itself is also broken, by means of a giant crack in the concrete that runs the height of the building! I guess this was what our neighbor had been complaining about for his leak a while back – I never really knew what the problem was – but regardless, after finding the crack and talking with the neighbor himself (who is an owner, unlike us), the installer opted to hold off on drilling any more holes in the wall until she could talk to our HOA and make sure that she wouldn’t get blamed if the building were to later collapse or something because of her installation. Understandable, unfortunately, but that still leaves me without my FIOS!!!

So the install was rescheduled for next Sunday and she’s going to try to get an answer out of the HOA in the meantime – I really don’t know what’s going to happen. I don’t see where it should be a problem because ultimately I shouldn’t have to get authorization from my landlord or the homeowners association just to switch cable providers, but these things can be crazy sometimes so we’ll see.

In the meantime, I think I might reorganize my office and move a few things around, now that I had to move my computer desk today for nothing. In part I hate to go to all of the hassle, seeing as we’re hoping to move later on this fall anyways, but it’s something to do and the place could certainly use a good cleaning along the way, anyways. And besides, this newfound creative spurt that I’ve got going might very well benefit from a bit of change to help me get some more work done in a place other than my living room in front of the TV!

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