Why I won’t buy another ProForm Elliptical

Description Price Part # Model # Subtotal
 PEDAL DISC  $57.71  176350  PFEL45013  $57.71
 5/16″ X 25.4MM HEX BOLT  $.25  013303  PFEL45013  $0.25
 M6 X 30MM SCREW  $3.53  183635  PFEL45013  $14.12
 DISC CROSSBAR  $49.24  177057  PFEL45013  $49.24
Order Subtotal $121.32

After shipping, they want over $150 for the replacement parts to fix my elliptical after the pedal broke off whenever-ago that it happened. The whole thing cost me something like $350, so that’s nearly half the original cost because the thing broke less than a year later, and of course, because I didn’t buy the extended warranty, it was only covered for a measley 90 days. I guess that’s what I get for expecting to find a quality piece of exercise equipment for such a low price.

This weekend I’m going to go to Home Depot to see if I can find anything any cheaper. I know that the cover would need to come right from ProForm, but the screws are just hex screws and the cross bars are just a couple of pieces of steel bolted together. Cheap piece of crap…

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