another reason why DRM is bad…

Wal-Mart Shutting Down DRM Server

Wal*Mart shutting down DRM server, nuking your music collection — only people who pay for music risk losing it to DRM shenanigans

First Yahoo!, now Wal-Mart. For those that don’t follow, if you’ve bought DRM-laden music from either of these folks, your music will basically be toast after they shut their servers down because if your media player can’t connect to authenticate, it won’t play. Wal-Mart’s “instructions” seem to be the same as Yahoo!’s were … burn all of your music to CDs if you want to avoid losing it. Kinda defeats downloading the MP3s in the first place, now doesn’t it???

Altogether now – “DRM only affects people who follow the law to begin with … it doesn’t actually do squat to help prevent piracy…”

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