glasses conundrum

So Sara and I both made it a point to get new glasses and contacts last weekend, and I went back to pick them up yesterday. She primarily wears glasses, but wants the contacts for days when she wants to be able to wear sunglasses or just doesn’t want to wear glasses, whereas I’m a contacts guy who just wanted to get a pair of glasses to satisfy those early morning hours when I first get up and don’t feel like either rushing to throw in my contacts or walk around blind in the meantime.

My problem is, I’m not sure if I can wear glasses now.

Keep in mind that I haven’t worn a pair of glasses since I was probably fifteen – possibly even earlier, but I can’t really remember, but regardless, I know that I got my contacts sometime around the 10th grade, meaning that I’ve been used to contacts for over a decade now. Switching back to glasses seems like trying to gargle fire in the middle of a hurricane … I tried them on for a couple of hours last night, but I nearly got a headache just from the differences. It seems like there was a glare just about everywhere, and I’m not entirely sure if that’s a subtle “feature” from the eye doctor to prove that I should’ve paid the extra $39 to get the special “non-glare coating.” Also, I can’t help but notice how bad the fuzziness is around the outside of the lenses, especially in my peripheral vision – I suppose you sort of take for granted the concept of the lens covering your entire cornea when you only wear contact lenses. And don’t even talk to me about how the computer screen seemed to pulse back and forth as I was typing…

And mind you, I did wear my glasses for several years growing up before I made the switch, but maybe it’s a combination of my vision not being as bad back in the day and also having gotten so used to the alternative since then. Right now it’s just weird because I find myself having to actively focus on only things through the lens themselves – if I catch myself looking around the rims, not only is everything obviously blurry, but my eyes start to hurt if I’m looking half through one and half the other at the same time.

Granted, it’s only the first day with them and I certainly won’t be wearing them full-time, but I do hope they get at least better enough so that I can stand to wear them for watching TV in bed and whatnot. Any thoughts from folks that actively wear both? It’s funny that I remember “the switch” from glasses to contacts being toted as “not always easy” by my eye doctor at the time, but that was pretty much just because I wasn’t too fond of the girl jabbing her finger into my eye to “show me” how to put them in…

Who knew that the switch back would be just as bad?!

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