Today was kind of a weird day.

I was actually going along pretty good, despite being fairly tired because I was up late again last night working on a website … and then the phone rang. Early afternoon, Sara managed to get herself a flat tire out in the middle of nowhere and didn’t have a spare (don’t ask me where it went!), so I left work for lunch to go wait with her until the tow truck guy showed up to get her to a tire place. Well, many, many hours later, we finally took back the keys to her car in exchange for $160 (they ended up replacing two tires) and several hours of our time. Sadly, by that point it wasn’t really worthwhile for either of us to go back to work, so we called it a day and went home.

Also, we’ve both been battling indigestion all night – thanks, Village Inn! If you ever find yourself hungerin’ for the Mexican Breakfast Quaesidilla, just say no.

Also also, apparently there’s some tropical storm alive and kicking down south of us in the Gulf of Mexico. Personally, we’re really not all that worried about it, even though they’re talking about mandatory evacuations for some of the lowest flood zones tomorrow morning if she veers back in our direction. Maybe it’s just because we really haven’t had a bad storm in so long, maybe it’s because we live far enough from the coast that we don’t really have to think about coastal flooding from this thing, but we’ll see what happens tomorrow. The latest projection that I saw had Fay horizontal with the Tampa Bay Area tomorrow evening, but going more up the middle of the state (bad day to be at the Magic Kingdom!). Ain’t Florida fun?!

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