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February 3, 2008 11:13pm
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Lazy? Maybe Just Exhausted…
I don’t feel like I got anything done today at all. Sara and I got up and went to the gym for a while, then we came home and pretty much sat around the rest of the afternoon and evening. And it’s hard because now I feel guilty because I’ve got this to-do list that’s a mile and a half long (writing, taxes, organize the office, web design, etc…) and I pretty much blew one of the two days that I would’ve had to make any real uninterrupted progress. This has happened the last couple of weekends, where I get to Sunday and just want to lay around all day – Sara’s trying to convince me that it’s because of all of the long hours that I’ve been putting in at work and that I need the downtime, but it’s still rough when my writing gets another week behind and the dream feels a little farther from being a reality…

A Two-Parter

Diet Progress
So I went back to using Spark People to track my calories in an attempt to get back on the weight loss bandwagon a few weeks ago. I really haven’t made a whole lot of progress so far – it sucks having to get used to counting everything all over again – but I know that this really helped me last time so it’s unfortunately worth the extra effort. At this point I’m doing ok at keeping my calories under or at least around 2000 per day via meals, but the snacks are what’s killing me because apparently I have to count those calories, too! It seems like the stay the weight loss course part of my brain doesn’t engage when I get up to get a drink in the middle of the night, so a drink of water ends up being that and whatever else I can find in the near vicinity. Don’t know what to do other than not have any snacks in the house – an idea I’m not particularly fond of – but when I can clear out a bag of chips that should last a week in two days, maybe it’s time for more drastic measures?

Exercise Progress
I was actually doing good with exercise up until last week when I worked so late that I didn’t get out on time to catch the gym before 10pm any day of the week. Ugggh! It’s something that I just need to focus on getting out at a reasonable hour because in addition to having the time to workout, I’m sure it’ll drop some of the work stress off my back as well. But so far once I actually get there, the exercise itself anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour isn’t that bad, which is good because I’d rather have problems finding the time than finding the motivation to go in the first place! Today I did over an hour with Sara at her gym because she exercises a ridiculously larger amount than I do (I guess that’s the kind of inspiration a wedding dress gives!), but if I can do a solid 45-60 minutes three or four times a week, I’ll be happy for now.

Wedding Planning
It gets closer and closer every week! Yesterday we went to meet with another photographer and we actually really liked this guy, so we might finally have that angle taken care of once and for all. This should be the last big (read: multi-thousand) dollar expense to line up, so I’m looking forward to at least having a good estimate of what this thing’s actually going to cost us before long. We also looked at wedding bands while we were out and about, and I was quite surprised to find that my ring is actually going to cost more than Sara’s … at least the band, that is … let us not forget the huge rock that she already got a year ago as a wedding deposit, if you will! I haven’t the foggiest idea what I want at this point, but now that I’ve actually seen a few, I think I’m leaning away from just a plain gold band. I want some sort of design or texture, but so far nearly everything I’ve seen reminds me of The One Ring and I’d rather not have a ring that I might some day have to walk hundreds of miles to toss into a volcano to save the world if I can at all avoid it…

Don’t I Have More Updates Than This???
Apparently not. It seems that time also flies when you’re not having fun … I need to work better at balancing that back in my favor because two good days out of seven just ain’t good enough! I believe that tomorrow is Lori’s Divorce Day, so that should be a jolly good time. Hmmmm…

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