The Garbage Man is Gonna Hate Us Tomorrow…

Tonight I learned that the capacity of our refrigerator is equal to approximately six very heavy garbage bags.

Long story short, Sara and I returned from our honeymoon on Monday to find that our refrigerator had finally decided that refrigerating was no longer the cool thing to do. It hadn’t completely died off at that point, and as we have had various problems with the beast in the past, we decided to try and wait it out to see if the problem would subside before shelling out our hard-earned clams to get somebody to come out for nothing.

Bad News: The problem kept getting worse, to the point where the freezer floated around 17 degrees (should’ve been 0) and the fridge around 42 degrees (should’ve been 37).

Good News: We were able to schedule someone from GE to come out and fix it yesterday afternoon at the landlord’s expense.

Bad News: According to the FDA, the above-mentioned temperatures aren’t exactly what are considered to be “safe” for keeping foodstuffs free of bacteria, so with the exception of some pudding cups and an unopened jar of pickles, the contents of our refrigerator is now sitting out at the curb waiting to be hauled away with the rest of the garbage.

I suppose this is as good a time as any to clean out the fridge, seeing as we’ve lived here for a year and all, and we do need some new food in the house after having company for the last two weeks, but boy, is shopping from scratch (condiments and all…) going to suck! I guess if we wanted to take charge and finally make the lifestyle changes to get our weight loss efforts back on track, this should certainly serve to be a good kickstart… 😛


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