update – slightly longer version

– Is it just me or did this week seem to just take forever???

– Despite the dragging out, haven’t had time to write my pissy letter to Chrysler yet to try to persuade them to fix my car. Really need to do that this weekend…

– Invitations are almost ready to go out – I’ve printed everything now, so all we have to do tomorrow is put the seals on the RSVPs and tape up the finished invitations.

– Main goals for Saturday are simply to clean the house and make a huge trip down to the post office to drop off a number of various packages. I also have a ton of web and writing stuff to do, but I’m trying to just take that as I can because otherwise I just get worked up and don’t make any progress at all.

– A little peeved because I had no less than four separate airline tickets stolen out from under me when trying to help Mom reserve a flight down for the wedding this fall. Literally pressed the final submit button after entering credit card info, only to be told “The ticket that you requested is no longer available.” Reminds me of the old Ticketmaster days… 🙁

– Really enjoyed 30 Days this week, in which an avid hunter spent 30 days living with a PETA employee learning about animal rights and such. It makes sense why they only do six episodes a season because obviously each episode is pretty involved (I wonder if they shoot multiple episodes at a time or if each has Morgan’s undivided attention?), but it’s kind of a bummer that this season is already half over! Definitely need to pick up the next DVDs when they come out probably this fall…

Weeds started back up earlier this week, too, but I’m not so sure how that one’s going to be just yet. Really can’t wait for Dexter, though!!!

– I have laundry to go fold … TTFN.

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