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Wow – aside from various links, and that whole election thing, I really haven’t blogged much in a while.

It’s kind of crazy just how, well, crazy things have been since the wedding, but I guess that’s what happens when you basically take off of everything for upwards of two weeks in a row! Life has been real up and down since then, between dealing with a wedding vendor’s payment after we got back because they turned out being real jerks to our refrigerator breaking down, and even Sara missing a bunch of work because she did something real bad to her back / hip that still hasn’t completely healed several weeks later. The impending holidays and their own financial burdens certainly aren’t going to help any, but just for the sake of my sanity, let’s not talk about that right now…

Hmmmm, so what else can we talk about???

Love Me Some Pumpkin!
I guess the site technically isn’t even done yet because as of inserting that link there was still a placeholder or two in the template, but despite not getting where I want to be with the rest of my writing, I’ve been having a little fun with this pseudo-project lately and I think that oughta count for something! Ultimately I’m not entirely sure how much longer it’ll last, namely because pumpkin novelties tend to be cast aside to make room for gingerbread and candy canes right around this time anyways, but for a two month run, I think I still covered a fair number of posts and I’ve still got a few up my sleeve before the time is up.

It’s still up for debate what I’ll do next when things do wrap up on the pumpkin front, but I think that I’ll probably keep it open with the idea that if, by chance, something else pumpkin-related appears on the radar, I can still write about it, but otherwise this idea really stemmed from a similar candy-related site that I’d still like to do with Lori if we can get the ball rolling on it.

Other Writing in General
It’s just hard to believe how quickly I got so far behind with everything because although technically I missed two, maybe three weeks due to the wedding, in reality that’s still an awful lot of catch-up to do … especially when a few new features came to mind that I wanted to introduce at the same time. I’ve still got a plan and I made a little bit of progress towards it this weekend – just not as much as I would’ve liked, obviously – but I know it’ll get there eventually. Maybe by Christmas??? God, I hope not! Still, with a four day weekend coming up and possibly a little motivation from what I did get done this weekend, I have my (updated) goals – now it’s just a matter of getting somewhere near them.

And I’d probably feel even more confident about meeting those goals if it wasn’t for…

What else can I say? I’m really excited about Christmas this year. I know that money’s going to be tight, but I’m just really looking forward to everything that the next six weeks or so has to offer – baking Christmas cookies; actually sending gifts out on-time this year; Sara and I are even doing our very first Christmas cards together – I don’t think I’ve done a card in, like, 3 years! Then there’s all of the holiday events over at Disney – Candlelight Processional, the Osbourne Lights, possibly even Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party if I can weasel it out of our finances. I’m also hoping to do a few extra special things on the blog of my Disney site (that one’s not completely finished either … bear with me), and I always have a good time with the humor columns that come out of this time of year. Not to mention next weekend I’m going to shoot for getting our lights put up outside, and maybe even the tree … and you know, I’ll probably be in the mood for baking after Thanksgiving and who can really put up their Christmas tree without cookies baking in the oven?!

So there’s the challenge for this holiday season – enjoy Christmas 2008 to its absolute fullest, while also getting my writing where I want it to be, spending time with Sara, and not driving us into bankruptcy during the process. Also, if I could possibly not gain any more weight during all of said madness, that would probably make my resolutions a wee bit easier come January.

If only it were that easy…


  1. Okay, so I’m doing some late catching-up on your LiveJournal. But, ah…
    “Sara missing a bunch of work because she did something real bad to her back / hip…”

    Could it possibly be from this?:

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