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Antsy About RSVPs
So it’s officially been a week since we sent out invites for the wedding and already we’re getting very antsy about getting the RSVPs back! As of today, we’ve received a whopping three of them – two online, one via mail – and needless to say, we’re just very excited to find out who all is coming down for the big day! Granted, a bunch of them are for immediate family who we know are coming, but still, it’ll be nice to have them down as official on our list! I’ll be curious to see how many more people actually take advantage of being able to RSVP online – I’d have thought it would be a cool option, but now I’m getting the feeling that most are going to come back via mail simply because people won’t want to waste the stamped cards that we provided for RSVP. Oh well – just hurry up, peoples… 🙂

Weight Loss in July
Believe you me, I’m getting as tired writing about it as you are reading about it, but basically we’re starting over again. The last couple of weeks I hit a bit of a roadblock – a combination of never getting home early enough to make it to the gym and eating out almost every single day because we didn’t go grocery shopping “because we didn’t have any money” (even though fast food is more expensive in the long run, go figure!) – so here we are, going into July and only three months away from the wedding, and I need to start taking this a little more seriously. I don’t expect to get down to my ideal weight at this point, but dropping off 20 pounds would at least be a few steps in the right direction!

My goals this time are regular, 30 minute exercise routines 3x per week coupled with eating right … I know, technically the same thing I’ve been trying to do all along, but I am trying some different techniques with the gym this time around and also being a bit more aggressive with the food. Namely, any day that I eat three meals, one of them has to be a salad, which will actually probably be for the better because it opens up my options for lunches at work, and sadly the other idea, no chips for a while. I love ’em, but it’s just too easy to bust through an entire bag in two days, so until I start putting some pounds behind me and I can better portion my food, I’m sticking to rice cakes and other snacks that I can get away with eating more of without taking such a huge calorie hit.

I’ll elaborate more if/when I start seeing progress – here we go again!

The Bucket List
This evening Sara and I watched this over cheap Chinese food, and it was really pretty good. Morgan Freeman plays such a great honorable man – it reminded me of his performance in The Shawshank Redemption, which I watched up in New York a few weeks ago. Definitely need to add this one to the list to pick-up on DVD some day.

Stupid Bugs
I got stung by a freakin’ wasp today in my office – not flying around the room, mind you, but just one that was walking around on the floor. Apparently I bumped him with my foot, and he didn’t really like that, so he opened fire. I promptly desecrated him with a nearby kleenex box, but the anger of how many bugs we find wandering around this house still burns strong … as does the venom circulating in my foot! Really need to look into how much it would cost to have somebody come out and spray – the stuff available at Wal-Mart / Home Depot / Lowe’s just doesn’t seem to cut it anymore…

Battlestar Addictica
I’m on season three right now, and frankly I’m pretty proud of how I did over the weekend – only went through two discs, which I believe was about seven episodes total. And it’s a little scary simply because that means that I’ve really only got about another 20-some-odd episodes between these DVDs and the ones that’ve aired from season 4 before I’m completely caught up with the rest of the population! Still, it’s been an awesome story so far – after Friday, I had a new favorite episode, that being the one where the Galactica came back to rescue the rest of the population on New Caprica and Lee made a super-cool save at the last minute … it beat out the first part of the storyline when the attack first happened, which is pretty impressive! Luckily there still seems to be a bit left before the show is done for good, and I read something online just this weekend about possibly making a couple more straight-to-DVD movies, which would be very cool.

30 Days Not So Great
I did catch up on the one episode of 30 Days that had been sitting on the DVR for a while, but unfortunately it just wasn’t as good as so many other of the episodes have been throughout the whole series. Basically meaning, whereas most of the people end up being at least somewhat enlightened midway through the 30 days and get a lot out of it, the lady featured in this one didn’t change a bit. For this episode, they took a very religious woman who believes that gay and lesbian couples shouldn’t be able to adopt children and stuck her in the home of a gay couple who was raising four adopted children from foster care. And I’ve seen people get a little defensive in these shows before they really get into it, but this lady was defensive and argumentative pretty much throughout the entire experience, even storming off camera several times because she felt like she was being attacked. It was funny because all of the gay people were the nicest in the world – they said that it was ok for her to have a differing opinion, but their problem was that she wanted to make it illegal for them to have their own opinion (i.e. laws to ban gays adopting children), and she just saw it as if allowing the adoptions were undermining her own beliefs, instead of letting them do as they wished while she opposed it in her mind.

Honestly, this is probably my biggest problem with religion, and yes, God and the Bible were cited for all of her beliefs because she thinks that anything outside of man and woman is against God’s word, but regardless, it just bothers me that not only do so many deem it ok to hate based on the word of God, but they also want to see fit that anything other than the word of God is illegal, attempting to ban everything from gay marriage and adoptions to certain kinds of language, other forms of expression, and even sex toys! If you don’t believe in something, then don’t engage in it, but as long as no one is getting hurt, just leave the rest of us who don’t have a problem with it alone. And maybe that’s the problem – even someone getting hurt could be subjective, as several times this lady cited that it wasn’t right for the four young boys in this episode to be raised by a gay couple because it solidified that being gay was ok. Because loving another man is disgusting, but hating your fellow man on behalf of a heavily-debated word of God is completely acceptable. Frankly, if there is a Heaven and it’s filled with hatred and bigotry like that, I don’t want to go there anyways…

4-Day Work Week
And would you believe that Sara’s even off on Friday with me?! I think we’re going to go down to the Florida Aquarium in the evening to watch the 4th of July fireworks over Channelside, that is, unless we find out that someplace over at Disney outside of the parks is doing a show, too. Aside from crazy neighbors setting off bottle rockets nearly everywhere I’ve lived down here, I don’t think I’ve been to an actual 4th of July fireworks show since I moved (2003), so I’m kinda looking forward to it!

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