Why is somebody letting Joe the Plumber write a book???


Joe the Plumber has a website.

And no, not a ficticious website like how he was a ficticious plumber, but an actual website.

Nonetheless, like taxes, clearly Joe the Plumber doesn’t understand how websites work, either, because he’s charging people to view his blog and his forums.

$19.95 is all it will cost you for a Freedom Membership which gives you total access to Joe’s forum!

But again, what the hell could a book by Joe the Plumber actually have to say?! (…other than “I’m sorry for making a fool of myself in the national spotlight and wasting everyone’s time with my ignorant rambling…”, that is.)

I wonder how long before we’ll be seeing Joe the Plumber infomercials on TV at 3:00am selling Save Our Freedom! commemorative tote bags…

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