a lack of focus

I’ve kind of been stuck in a creative rut lately, and I wish I could say that this weekend I somehow managed to break free, but alas, that did not happen … again.

And don’t get me wrong, creatively on a grander scale I know I’m still doing better thus far this year than in any others past – for nearly three months now, I’ve been putting up weekly humor columns on a regular schedule and comedic-genius.com is right about where I want it to be until I begin the next project in its pipeline, but at this point it’s the other projects that are still lacking.

The current one at hand is a new column / writing website dedicated to Disney World that I’ve been tinkering around with, to the point where I’ve got almost two years worth of monthly columns written and a handful of other blog posts, but at this point I just can’t seem to get the rest of the site in working order so that I can actually launch the damn thing. Don’t ask how I’ve got two years worth of columns, but they’re not online anywhere … but it’s just getting exceedingly frustrating because I can’t seem to get in the frame of mind that I need to spend a few weeks and get the thing done once and for all. It’s to the point where several times I’ve actually considered just shelving the idea and focusing more on the humor stuff, except that I do feel guilty about all of that content that would go to waste and my business plan for this year kind of calls for trying a bunch of different writing avenues at the same time to see what sticks. I’ve got a feeling that at least in the short term, I’m going to see more traffic with a Disney site than with my more generic humor column, so I don’t just want to bail on that idea entirely.

I don’t know, and maybe it’s because we really haven’t been spending nearly as much time over at Disney lately because of Sara’s college work, but I need to find the motivation somehow to just get the thing done so that I can move on to other more exciting projects. I’ve done the math and know that I can handle the regular workload once the site is up – it’s just getting through the initial development and design crap before I can launch that’s tough. I’ve also gotten a bit behind on the podcasts and other news sites that I used to follow regularly, so maybe catching up on those can help me get back “in the mood,” too. We’ll see – I want to set a new goal that I’ll have the entire thing up and running by May 1st, which gives me the entire month of April to make it happen. And in all reality, there really isn’t that much to be done other than tweak a WordPress them, custom code a couple of special features that I want to start with, and upload a shitload of content that I have backlogged, so actually a month should be fairly reasonable.

Mark my words!


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