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December 31, 2009 7:54pm
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So I guess these are out now.

Frankly, I was a little surprised – we actually came across a couple of stray boxes on the shelf at Walmart a couple of days ago and it almost made me wonder if they had been put out on accident, but now that Amazon has them up for sale, too, it looks like LEGO just doesn’t have all of their marketing ducks in a row on this one. I mean, even today they still don’t have any content on their LEGO Toy Story promo page – something I noticed last week when a promo went out in their fan club magazine. Maybe it shouldn’t surprise me all that much because I also see that they haven’t fixed the error on their site related to this promo that I pointed out around the same time, either – that being that the fan club mailing lists as the official website for the new series, however that link doesn’t actually exist on their site … the correct link is The e-mail reply stated that they’d “forward it to their web team,” but I guess I just would’ve thought that the launch of a new product line would’ve warranted a little more urgency when misinformation was being distributed.

Not to mention, I can add a redirect like that on any of my websites and the setup takes all of about 30 seconds, but I digress…

Regardless, I suppose we should just be happy that the series is now “out,” despite the less than glorious fanfare. So far some of them look pretty cool and others look iffy, so while I’m not entirely sure if we’ll collect the whole set, I am looking forward to seeing a better display of what’s available the next time we’re over at the LEGO store at Downtown Disney!

To infinity, and beyond!

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